When called upon to arrange a funeral, it is our policy to assume as much of the responsibility as we can so that we may guide you comfortably through this difficult time.

It is always better for you to contact the funeral director as soon as possible, even if the Coroner is involved

Please take a moment to read through the headings below and better understand what happens next.

Calling our Funeral Home for the First Time

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We appreciate the first call to us can be difficult, people often don’t know what to say or even how to start the conversation. Our helpful staff will lead with all the necessary questions, the call need not be more than 5 minutes and an appointment will be made for you to sit with a funeral director so you may talk more openly about your preferred arrangements.

We would encourage that you telephone the funeral home first to ensure a funeral director is available.

Making the Arrangements

The funeral arrangements may take place either at one of our four funeral homes or in the comfort of your family home, whichever suits you best in the circumstances. Our funeral director will sit down with you at an appointed time and guide you through all the necessary steps, inform you of all the available choices and listen and advise on your own ideas for how to personalise the occasion. The arrangement itself will take as long as is necessary for our funeral director to comfortably guide you through what needs to be done. An hour is a reasonable timescale to expect.

When will the Funeral be?

One of the first things the funeral director would like to do is set a day and a time for the funeral, this will help the family focus and work towards a particular date. We always aim to set the funeral approximately 1 week from the day we sit down together and discuss arrangements, this allows you to move through the events leading up to the funeral comfortably and without feeling unduly rushed. There are, however, many factors that may alter this preferred window: Involvement through the Coroner, Family holidays, availability of particular venues: Church, Catering or preferred Celebrants etc. Such delays are out of our hands but we will always keep you advised every step of the way.



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Devonshire House

Funeral Home

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The Willows

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