When arranging a funeral, it is important to make informed choices and be made aware of all the available options.

Our simple philosophy is to provide you with a service, in a manner in which we would want to be served

As funeral directors, our duty is to guide you through a difficult, often emotional time, we are here to advise and inform and marry your wishes together with any requests left by the recently departed, at a time when emotions may cloud your better judgement.


Remember, a funeral is of equal importance to the living as it is to the deceased, and you only get one attempt to create a meaningful funeral so all details must be right at the first time of asking.

Traditional Service

The traditional service is centred around the coffined deceased person, whether in Church, at a Chapel or at the graveside, the service leads up to the final act of committal and disposition of the earthly remains. Newcastle, York, Oakham, Bamburgh ways are all examples of our traditional service options (please open our service guide to the left).

Traditional Service (Dewsbury Way & Assisted Dewsbury Way)

As described above, but with particular attention given to those families in receipt of social assistance, or those with a limited budget. Our Dewsbury Way or Assisted Dewsbury Way help us to help you provide your loved one a traditional funeral service with minimal financial outlay. Our Dewsbury Way* & Assisted Dewsbury Way** is currently offered at £1245 for select professional services (inc. coffin, hearse & four professional pall bearers). Disbursement costs*** must be paid by way of a deposit at least 24hrs before the funeral takes place.

*Conditions of service apply.

**Set criteria must be met and conditions of service apply.

***Necessary disbursement costs for the Assisted Dewsbury Way will be met by the D.W.P. subject to successful application.


Service of Remembrance (Memorial Service or Life Celebration)

A celebration of life at a time that feels right for the family, a private cremation may be opted for initially and the funeral celebration reserved for a specific date at a chosen venue with a specially chosen urn and framed portrait selected as the focal point, with a social reception to follow.

Simple Alternative On-line

Our Simple Alternative Funeral* offers a direct transfer of the deceased person from our private chapels of rest to the place of final disposition at a time and date to suit our diary. Either speak to one of our funeral directors in person, by telephone or click the Contact Us at the top of this page. Then simply complete the required details, click submit and await our prompt acknowledgment.

Our Simple Alternative Funeral is just £660 for select professional services plus any necessary disbursements.

*conditions of service apply, please contact us and request a brochure for more details.

Infants, Children & Those in Active Service

Tragic circumstances such as the loss of a child*^ or that of an active service member** are difficult situations for many people to come to terms with.  Here at D. Hollowell & Sons we try to relieve a small part of that burden by waiving our professional fees** as a gesture of goodwill to family and community alike.

*Infants & children are considered from non-viable status through 15 years.

^supplement may be added if funeral timings deviate from those suggested.

** Active service applies to military & emergency service personnel (fire, ambulance, police)


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